Accredited Training

Accredited Training

IMVC is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and offers accredited vocational training in Bicycle Technology, Hospitality, Make-Up, Kitchen Operations, Retail Cosmetics, Salon Assistant, and Screen & Media.

Training programs at IMVC are about access and equity. We deliver low-cost, quality training to a wide variety of learners, including people with disability, youth (especially those disengaged from school), multicultural/ethnic groups, refugees and Indigenous groups.

Our training facilities are industry standard. We continue to build our links with industry and are committed to continuous improvement, making training more tailored and responsive to workforce requirements, thus maximising the employment outcomes for our trainees.

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Download our latest accredited training flyer for Make-Up

Download our latest accredited training flyer for Salon Assistant

For more information on our accredited training, please contact IMVC on 9686 2354.