Disability advocacy support the rights of people with a disability to be upheld in the community.  It focuses on the best interests of the person, enabling them to lead the decision making processes within their lives.

Disability advocacy services support the needs and views of people with a disability to be presented to government, service providers and the broader community, such as

  • Acting with, or making representation on behalf of, people with a disability
  • Referrals to appropriate bodies to effect the resolution of complaints
  • Influencing policies and practices to promote fair treatment and social justice for people with a disability

Disability advocacy can be accessed from a wide range of supports and services.


The rights and interests of people with a disability must be respected, allowing people to make their own choices about their life. 

Self-advocacy provides people with a disability the ability to explain their feelings and thoughts.  It enables them to ensure they are included in the decisions that affect them, and working with others towards finding solutions for problems.

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