Supports for Students With a Disability

Supports for Students With a Disability

Individual Learning Plans
An Individual Learning Plan ensures students are engaged in the classroom curriculum and links the specific learning needs of the student to the classroom curriculum and their peers. Students with a disability have access to an Individual Learning Plan through their school.  For further information consult the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority Guidelines for Students with a Disability.

Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority Special Provision
Special Provision is available to students completing the VCE or VCAL for classroom learning, School-based Assessment and VCE external assessments. 

Students may be eligible if, at any time, they are adversely affected in a significant way by an acute or chronic illness (physical or psychological), factors relating to personal circumstance and an impairment or disability, including learning disorders.  There are specific eligibility requirements and schools must contact the VCAA to gain Special Provision for students.   

Reasonable Adjustments
Schools are required to make reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities or additional needs to assist all students to participate in education and training on the same basis as their peers without a disability. Schools must ensure they consult with the student, their families/ carers and professional supports during this process.

Career Education and Workplace Learning for Students With Disability
Career Education is a program for students with a disability designed to support teachers and career practitioners to provide a variety of pathway options available to the student when they leave school.

For further information on Career Education supports for students with a disability please refer to the Strengthened Career Education – Teachers and Career Practitioners Guide: Supporting Students with Disability to Explore, plan and navigate pathways during and after their journey at school

Program for Students with Disabilities
Support and funding is available to help schools meet the needs of eligible students with a disability and high care needs who attend Victorian government schools. 

Home-Based Educational Support Program
Home – based education supports students with a disability or medical condition as sometimes they are not able to attend school for a long period of time. Schools can help the student continue to take part in their learning by providing and educational program to use at home. This ensures the student is ready to return to the classroom.

Schoolcare Program
The Schoolcare Program is a service facilitated in partnership with the Royal Children’s Hospital. It provides specialist training to school staff who have frequent and ongoing responsibility for students with complex medical support needs while they are attending school.

Medical Intervention Support
Medical Intervention Support funding supports schools to engage appropriately trained educational support staff to help students if they need regular complex medical support at school. There are a number of eligibility requirements for Medical Intervention Support.

Equipment Boost for Schools
This initiative funds new equipment and assistive technology to support students with disabilities or additional learning needs.