This section provides information about the transition from school to the workplace.  This includes apprenticeships, supported employment, open employment, volunteering and work experience.  There is also information on organisations and programs offering financial, workplace modifications and job preparation support.

Job Access
Is the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers. Created by the Australian Government, it provides people with a disability with support in finding suitable employment, accessing Disability Employment Services providers, workplace modifications and flexible work arrangements.

Employment Assistance Fund
The Australian Government provides funding through the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) to cover the costs of making workplace changes. This can include purchasing equipment, modifications or accessing services for people with disability.

Disability Employment Services
Disability Employment Services help people with a disability find a job in the following ways

  • getting ready to work skills
  • training in specific job skills
  • resumé writing skills
  • training in interview skills
  • job searching

Disability Employment Services help people with a disability keep a job in the following ways

  • on-the-job training
  • engaging with boss and co-workers
  • ongoing support with employment
  • workplace modifications
  • AUSLAN at work

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE)
Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) provide supported employment opportunities to people with disability, offering training and experience to confidently move into open employment or to continue in supported employment if they choose.

ADEs support people with moderate to severe disability to engage in a wide variety of work tasks such as packaging, assembly, production, recycling, screen printing, plant nursery, garden maintenance and landscaping, cleaning services, laundry services and food services.

Learn more about ADEs ADEs – Frequently Asked Questions