Disability Disclosure in the Workplace

Disability Disclosure in the Workplace

It is against the law for employers to discriminate against people based on their disability by

  • Refusing to offer employment
  • Dismissing or refusing to allow an individual to work
  • Refusing to offer promotion or training
  • Treating an individual unfavourably in any other way

There is no legal obligation to disclose a disability to an employer, although disclosure may be practical in certain situations. For example, if there is need for workplace modifications to be made.

There is no legal obligation to disclose any disability that will not impact work performance.

An employee does not need to disclose a disability unless it directly relates to the requirements of the role.

Lawful Discrimination
An employer can discriminate against an employee on the basis of disability in limited situations. For example, an employer may lawfully discriminate if the employee cannot perform essential tasks and it causes unjustifiable hardship on the business to make special adjustments.

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