Making Alternatives Possible (MAP) Program







Delivered by IMVC, the MAP Program is designed for young adults who are seeking an alternative learning environment to mainstream schooling.

MAP aims to inspire students to explore what they want to achieve in the future, acquiring essential skills, knowledge, and competencies, in preparation for further education, training or employment.

Students participate in Career and Industry exploration activities beyond the classroom. Small group settings also provide a more supportive and individualised approach to learning.

Course Structure
The MAP Program provides a solid, yet flexible structure through which young adults can develop core skills in literacy,numeracy, as well as “real world” tasks. This integrated curriculum will engage students in themed projects, career and transition workshops and pathways planning.

As part of their training, students will also have the opportunity to complete Barista Training and the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Certificate. Access to individual counselling will be also be provided.

In 2017 – MAP will be delivered in two locations:  Inner Melbourne and Western Melbourne.

Eligibility Criteria
In order to be considered for the MAP Program, the young person must:

  • Be 15-18 years old and demonstrate a willingness to address personal issues which are functioning as barriers to engagement with learning
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen, or have Permanent Residency
  • Be willing to undertake an interview with the MAP Coordinator
  • Be willing to work cooperatively with students and staff during MAP

Program Details

MAP Inner Melbourne Flyer

MAP Inner Melbourne Application Form

MAP Western Melbourne Flyer

MAP Western Melbourne Application Form

Enrolment Process
Interested applicants are required to complete the above application form; they will then be contacted to attend an interview.

Course Fees
$44 for eligible students (concession)
$220 for eligible students (non-concession)
$2197.25 for non-eligible students

Enrolments Close
Friday 1st September 2017

Compulsory Information Session
Inner Melbourne applicants: Students and parents are to attend a compulsory information evening on 20th September 2017.

Western Melbourne applicants: Students and parents are to attend a compulsory information evening on 19th September 2017.

Further information
For MAP Inner Melbourne, please contact either:

Emma Tunnecliff
M: 0421 788 580  E: [email protected] 

Juliana Ojediran
M: 0423 050 853  E: [email protected]

For MAP Western Melbourne, please contact either:

Ashleigh Morffew
M: 0423 710 538  E: [email protected]

Blen Bekele
M: 0422 312 765 E:  [email protected]


Making Alternatives Possible (MAP)

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