VET Delivered in Schools

VET Delivered in Schools

VET Brokerage Role

IMVC offers a VET brokerage role to Cluster members which includes:

  • Conducting an environment scan to identify:

(i)     VET program needs of students / schools
(ii)    Local industry needs

  • Identifying Registered Training Organisation (RTOs) who can provide relevant training and  negotiating suitable delivery arrangements in line with Cluster requirements.  RTOs have been selected based on their current registration with VRQA or ASQA. It is the responsibility of RTOs to adhere to existing regulations and standards in place to govern training providers.  IMVC does not represent or exonerate the RTO from their responsibilities to AQTF or SNR.
  • Developing collaborative school protocols/structures for delivery of VET programs, including timetable arrangements and establishing and implementing student expression of interest protocols
  • Maintaining a web based/electronic information system to communicate and keep school based staff up to date with VET operations.  This includes facilitating the collation of VASS codes, scored VET assessment plans, indicative grades and student results.  The RTO is responsible for inputting and ensuring accuracy of student results within the designated Cluster timeframe
  • Setting up protocols in collaboration with schools to assist in monitoring student progress
  • Developing and implementing post course or post school destination surveys
  • Developing and implementing a promotional campaign for relevant stakeholder groups
  • Conducting information workshops for students, parents, trainers and new VET Co-ordinators
  • Coordinating the meeting schedules, agenda, minutes for the VET Working Party
  • Assisting schools to identify suitable professional development activities
  • Facilitating Memorandums of Understanding with home/host schools and the Cluster
  • Assisting  with the communication between Host /Home schools and RTOs regarding VCAA VET audit requirements
  • Disseminating relevant VET literature or information to schools and RTOs

The brokerage fee contributes to the administration of the above responsibilities