About VET Delivered in Schools

About VET Delivered in Schools

VET Delivered in Schools refers to Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses undertaken as part of your senior secondary education (they can make up part of your VCE or VCAL). The programs aim to prepare you for further education, training and employment. They can also be a good way to explore different occupations while you are still in high school and test whether you are interested in pursuing a future in that industry. The IMVC is also the RTO for some programs. The relevant RTO is also listed in the course description.

Cluster Schools

The IMVC is made up of three clusters: Inner Melbourne VET Cluster, Eastern Network VET Cluster and Pathways to Success VET Cluster.

Schools interested in becoming a cluster member are requested to contact the VET Project Officer on 9686 2354.

Expression of Interest Process

Application Process

 Expressions of interest for 2019 programs are now closed. The portal will open again in July to accept expressions of interest for 2020 VET programs.

The steps below outline the process for submitting an ‘Expression of Interest’ for VET programs delivered in schools.


Read the handbook and course requirements carefully, select your program and complete the Expression of Interest Form located in the IMVC VET Handbook. Submit this form to your VET Coordinator or Careers Advisor by the due date as indicated by your school.


Register your application online by clicking on the ‘VET Student Login’ under the ‘Quick Links’ menu on the IMVC homepage, or click on the ‘VET Student Login’ link below. You will then be redirected to the VET Student Portal to register your application.

Please note that Units 3 & 4/Year 2 students are not automatically enrolled into their second year of the program. Students will need to submit another Expression of Interest application on the IMVC VET Student Portal.

Students who do not complete Steps 1 & 2 will not be considered for a VET program facilitated by the IMVC.

VET Student Login


Attend the VET Expo (date to be confirmed) and the compulsory information session in Term 4 (information session attendance is for prospective first year and/or Units 1 & 2 students only and parents/guardians). Dates and times for course-specific information sessions are listed at the end of the IMVC VET Handbook.

Students who do not attend information sessions will not be considered for a VET program facilitated by the IMVC.


There are course fees associated with each program and applicants are advised to contact their VET Coordinator for an estimate of costs. Your school’s Careers/VET Coordinator and/or RTO will confirm your enrolment by Term 4.

Please note: Students will be formally enrolled into programs by the respective RTO either in late November, early December or at the commencement of the following year. For example, Box Hill Institute conducts formal enrolments in late November/early December. Each RTO has a different enrolment process. Please refer to the VET Handbook for further details.

Information Sessions

First Year or Unit 1 & 2 students expressing an interest in VET programs are required to attend a compulsory parent and student information session. Course content and requirements will be outlined and ample time will be provided to answer questions. Non-attendance at the information session will result in cancellation of expression of interest applications. Please refer to the VET Handbook for dates.