Jack’s work placement with Transfield Services

Jack’s work placement with Transfield Services

Jack’s work placement with Transfield Services

Jack is a Year 10 student enrolled at Camberwell High School. Jack participated in the Making Alternatives Possible (MAP) Program. The MAP program is an initiative of the IMVC and was established to provide an alternative learning environment for young people “at risk” of disengaging from secondary school.

As part of the MAP program, Jack was provided with the opportunity to undertake a structured workplace learning placement, enabling him to effectively “try out” an industry he was interested in. Jack flagged the building and construction industry as a possible career option, and IMVC connected him with Transfield Services. A dedicated Project Officer was assigned to facilitate the work placement. The Project Officer inducted, Transfield Services on the procedures and employer expectations and provided information on the VETiS / VCAL program that Jack was undertaking. Transfield Services was quick to understand the benefits of workplace learning to both students and their business and was keen to act as a host employer. Jack contacted Transfield Services to setup an introductory meeting. In the meeting, the employer explained to Jack the tasks he would undertake during his work placement.

Transfield Services is a global provider of operations, maintenance and construction services. IMVC in collaboration with Transfield Services, have worked closely together for a number of years providing quality placements for young people disengaged from education and young people with a disability. Jack undertook his structured work placement at the Melbourne City Baths. Melbourne City Baths contract the maintenance of the building and facilities to Transfield Services.

Jack’s placement at Melbourne City Baths with Transfield Services has been successful in many ways. Firstly he demonstrated to himself and an employer that he is “work ready”. Secondly he was able to demonstrate his enthusiasm for hard work, and thirdly it has given him a clear goal for a future career. Prior to participating in the work placement, Jack was disengaging from education, now he has aspirations to further his studies and pursue a career in building and construction. Whilst on placement, Jack was coached and mentored by an experienced Transfield employee within the field of Building and Construction/Maintenance. Jack commented that he enjoyed his placement and learnt many new skills. Jack’s mentor commented that Jack was a pleasure to work with and a great help.

IMVC provided Transfield Services with end to end work placement support including a phone call that is made on the first day to ensure the student has arrived on time and commenced the tasks as expected; the offer of one point of contact for the entire placement, in case of an emergency or questions the employer may have; and a phone call that is made on the final day of the placement to ensure expectations have been achieved. The school, employer and student are then requested to provide formal feedback via online surveys. The IMVC collates and summarises these evaluations to inform future planning.

The quality support provided by IMVC has strengthened the relationship it has with Transfield Services. As a result Transfield Services has agreed to provide future work placement opportunities for young people.

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