Making Alternatives Possible (MAP) Program

Making Alternatives Possible (MAP) Program

The MAP program is designed for young adults aged 17-19 who are seeking an alternative learning environment to mainstream schooling.

 The 10-week program aims to inspire students to explore what they want to achieve in the future, acquiring essential skills, knowledge, and competencies, in preparation for further education, training or employmentStudents participate in career and industry exploration activities beyond the classroom.  

MAP is delivered in a small group setting that offers a supportive and individualised approach to learning. 

MAP is run in Term 4 and provides: 

  • A friendly, flexible environment and practical learning environment 
  • A focus on supporting participants to develop life and employability skills 
  • Support and guidance for participants to decide “what’s next” and develop pathways 
  • Breakfast each morning (on site) 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, MAP was delivered via blended delivery in 2020 as per detailed below.  How the course is delivered in 2021 will be decided later in the year dependent on any COVID-19 restrictions.

  • 2 days remote learning (combination zoom sessions and self-directed activities) 
  • 1- day face-to-face training at our Albert Road site 

Flyer and Expression of Interest 
For further information, or to complete an Expression of Interest, please refer to the program flyer: 

If you have any inquiries or require further information please contact Cassandra Kear on: 
Phone: 03 9686 2354 
Email: [email protected]