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2020 Mentor Program

Interested in becoming a Mentor for 2020?

The IMVC is seeking industry experienced individuals to join our 2020 Mentor Program.

This year, the Mentor Program will run for a duration of 10 weeks, starting from Friday 5th June to Friday 7th of August 2020.

Working alongside our young people, sessions will include:

Session 1 – Introductory Session
In this session, you will outline the framework for mentoring sessions and build rapport with your mentee.

Session 2 – Career Planning
Get to know your mentee and provide an understanding of how careers are planned and evolve.

Session 3 – Preparation for Placement
Begin planning and preparation for your mentee’s work placement.

Session 4 – Workplace Expectations
Ensure that your mentee has followed up on items identified in Session 3 and highlight expectations and requirements for their upcoming work placement.

Session 5 – Placement Contact
Check in with your mentee while they are on work placement and assist them with resolving any obstacles/issues.

Session 6 – Post-placement Follow Up
Work with your mentee’s career map and help them reflect on their progress post placement; assisting them build up their resume.

Session 7 – Celebratory Event
Celebatory activity to acknowledge the completion of work placement and achievements of mentees and mentors.

For more information, please see our Mentor Program flyer.

Download 2020 Mentor Program Flyer (PDF)
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