Up-skill for work & career exploration

Up-skill for work & career exploration

Take the first step towards work

Have you finished with school, know it’s time to do something, but have no clue what that ‘something’ is?

Then one of our courses, especially designed for young people, or those with no or limited work experience, might just be what you need.

Our programs are designed with you in mind. They are always delivered in small groups – sometimes in face to face workshops, and others are online. Our trainers are expert in being flexible to meet the needs of each learner. Together we can discover your interests, and help you work out your options to make your career or further study goals become real.

Other courses we offer, are just fun, affordable courses to give you life-skills to support you on your journey to independence.

Our current Pre- Accredited Courses on offer include:

  • Jump on Board (5-days, online, 7-11 June)
  • Ready to Work (4-days classroom, 1-day self-directed, 5-9 July)
  • Career Planning (3-days online, 1-day self-directed, 19-22 July)
  • Work Readiness (4-days blended delivery, 27 – 30 July)
  • Cooking on a Budget (4.5 hours, 30 June, South Melbourne)
  • Barista Basics (2-day, 1-2 July, South Melbourne)

These courses are funded by Learn Local, a Victorian Government initiative funded through the Adult Community and Further Education Board. There are 250 Learn Local providers across Victoria, all not-for-profit organisations, based in the community close to where people live and work. The aim of Learn Local is to help people get the skills they need for study, work and life.

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