Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Everything you need to know about the Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a VET subject in 2022.

Submitting Expressions of Interest for VET subjects in the IMVC Portal.

The process of submitting student Expressions of Interest (EOI) for studying one or more VET courses next year can seem like a big deal, but don’t worry we are trying to keep it as simple as possible. 

As the facilitators of the Cluster, we aim to be transparent, fair and equitable in working with each of our 120 member schools to meet their students needs.    Demand for a place in some courses on offer is very high and so to ensure fairness to all members we take the following approach:

  • The EOIs are considered based on the date it was uploaded into the portal.
  • To ensure students can complete their VCE/VCAL/VET sequence at while at school, students from Year 11 and continuing Year 12 students will be prioritised over Year 10 students
  • Final allocation and distribution is determined by IMVC and the RTOs – after the EOIs close.

We have a new team in place at IMVC this year and some ‘corporate knowledge’ may have been lost in the transition. Please advise our team asap of any localised arrangements that have applied previously, outside of the process outlined above, to ensure that we can discuss your expectations and requirements. We will do what we can to accommodate your expectations. Thank you for your assistance.

In response to feedback we have kept the EOI Round 1 open for an extra month. The revised closing date is 15 October 2021.

Student and Parent Guide to accessing the Portal

  • Access the IMVC portal via the IMVC Homepage https://imvc.com.au/
  • The portal link located in the top right hand corner)
  • On the portal page select the purple box named [Sumit a student Expression of Interest]
  • Enter details on the two pages of the form.  All fields are compulsory to meet requirements
  • Guardian details must be included as some RTOs will send important information directly to the guardian.
  • Applications that are not fully completed will not be considered.
  • Submit!  You will ree an automated Thank you message confirming your EOI has been submitted.

Fast Facts

Round 1 EOIs close 15 October 2021

  • Submitting an EOIs, means you have set a placeholder indicating a student’s interest in a course
  • You can check your student EOIs under Candidate List in the IMVC Portal
  • Approve means the student details are correct and we will proceed with enrolment
  • Unapproved means student details have not been submitted and so the EOI will not proceed any further.
  • Please just leave any duplicate EOIs unapproved and Stefan will delete them as he comes across them
  • All unapproved Round 1 EOIs will be DELETED by IMVC after 15 October

If you wish to submit an EOI after the closing date, do not use the portal but instead send it by email to [email protected]. Please be aware though, our past experience has shown that most classes will be at capacity by this time and each application will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

Checking the enrolment status

  • You can check enrolment status under Candidate List in the Portal
  • Pending means your student is within the maximum class size waiting to be enrolled
  • On waiting-list means your student is not currently within the maximum class size
  • Students on the waiting list can submit a second EOI for another class/venue as a second preference
  • The waiting list numbers may change if other students with a place decide to withdraw

VET Applications (Round 2) – Opens 18 October 2021

  • Schools will be reminded to ‘Approve’ or ‘Unapprove’ candidates for Round 2 applications only
  • Final VETDSS numbers will be sent to the RTOs
  • Some RTOs may adjust class capacity at this time (this is completely at the discretion of the RTO and extra capacity is not guaranteed)
  • IMVC will notify schools if students will need to choose another class/venue

VET Parent and Student Information Sessions – 4 October – 1 November

There will be a series of Parent and Student information nights run by the various RTOs over the month of October.  Because of Covid, in 2021 these sessions will be run over zoom.

  • Specific details are currently being finalised and will be sent out in early September
  • The sessions are held on Monday-Thursday evenings to allow students/parents to attend
  • There will be members of the IMVC RTO team at every session.

Critical VASS Date for late enrolments – Monday 8 November 2021

  • Very last day to enrol/withdraw VET students in VASS
  • VASS will not accept any changes after this date

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Stefan on [email protected] .

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