Thilan’s work placement at St Vincents De Paul

Thilan’s work placement at St Vincents De Paul

Thilan’s work placement at St Vincents De Paul

The St Vincent De Paul Day Therapy Centre provides rehabilitation services including Physiotherapy, Nursing, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Podiatry and Allied Health. The IMVC Workplace Learning Program has facilitated a number of successful work placements at St Vincent’s in the areas of Community Services and Hospitality since 2011.

IMVC conducted an information session for Allied Health VET students to promote the benefits of undertaking work placements. Thilan was one of the students that attended the session. He is a high achieving Year 12 student with a desire to pursue a career in Medicine. Thilan saw the opportunity to participate in a work placement as a chance to expand his skill base. With the assistance of his school, and the support provided by the IMVC, Thilan arranged a preliminary meeting and interview with St Vincent De Paul Day Therapy Centre. Due to the positive response from both Thilan and St Vincent’s, Thilan was offered a place in the much sought after work placement.

Thilan felt supported all the way through his work placement at St Vincents. He found his induction at the centre very interactive and helped him prepare for what to expect. Thilan commented that the staff were very welcoming, prepared, able to pass down their knowledge effectively. Thilan had the opportunity to partake in client therapies. He particularly enjoyed working with the Speech Pathologist.

Dianne Groenwald, Thilan’s supervisor and the resident Occupational Therapist at the centre during the work placement stated that Thilan’s aptitude and abilities far exceeded her expectations. Thilan exceeded these expectations to the point that she asked him to assist with cognitive activities for clients almost immediately. She also commented that Thilan worked well within a team and asked just the right questions. Thilan demonstrated an increase in his skills and knowledge everyday across all the therapies offered in the centre. Dianne stated that she ‘would have Thilan back anytime’.

For Thilan his work placement at St Vincents De Paul Day Therapy Centre helped him understand the health needs of elderly people and contribute to their care. Thilan listed this as his major learning achievement and the most personally gratifying. Thilan feels empowered because he now knows what to expect working in the health industry. Thilan now also has the confidence to know what he needs to do, to further his career in this industry. His work placement experience has clarified any doubts he had about committing to a career in medicine and strongly recommends a placement at St Vincent De Paul Day Therapy Centre to all his fellow Allied Health VETiS students.

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