Local Suppliers

Local Suppliers

Suppliers of Assistive Technology are available in most states and territories of Australia. These dealers support technologies that are sourced from around the world, predominantly the United States of America and the United Kingdom. An increasing number of devices and software are sourced from other countries as well, including products designed and assembled in Australia.

These dealers support their Assistive Technologies products with advice, technical support and warranties. In the event of product failure they can repair, replace or guide consumers as to the best resolution. Consumers have improved protection by purchasing from reputable local suppliers who pride themselves on product knowledge and application of their technologies.

The predominant suppliers in Australia of Assistive Technology include specialist dealers:


Spectronics are an established company, now based in Underwood, Queensland.
Products include assistive and mainstream software, computer access options, Alphasmarts, switch adapters and interfaces, switches, communication systems, mounting systems, low vision aids, powered mobility controls, environmental controls, music as well as books and resources.


NovitaTech Regency Park is the technology division of Novita Children’s Services Inc. located in Regency Park, South Australia.
Products include software, computer access options, switch adapters and interfaces, switches, communication systems, mounting systems, low vision aids, powered mobility controls, environmental controls, music as well as books and resources.

Technability (NSW)

Technability are based in Allambie Heights New South Wales and are a division of The Spastic Centre, NSW.
Products include communication, computer access, switches, software, environmental control units, mounting systems and resources.

Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology Pty Ltd has their head office in Rydalmere NSW, with their Southern Office in Cheltenham, Victoria.

Products include Wynn and Jaws software, portable and desktop magnification units, the SARA scanner, computer magnification software (e.g. MAGic, Bigshot, Zoomtext), computer talking software (e.g. Connect Outloud, Open book), low vision training software, Braille writers and embossers, notetakers and braille displays and screen readers as well as the full range of Freedom Scientific products.

Pacific Vision

Pacific Vision Equipment & Services Pty Ltd has their head office in Northcote, Victoria.
Pacific Vision specialises in Low Vision Equipment.

Products include portable and desktop magnification closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV’s) from Freedom Scientific and Low Vision Industries, computer magnification and Screen Reader software (MAGic, Zoomtext and Dolphin), ZoomText large print keyboards, Hand held electronic Magnifiers, Portable mobile OCR Reader from KNFB Reading Technologies, Emprint Braille and colour printer embosser, Talks or Mobile Speaks software for mobile phone use.


HumanWare head office is based in Australia in Baulkham Hills, NSW.

Products include auto readers, video magnifiers, digital notebook players, note takers, hand held computers, Braille displays, GPS trackers as well as partner products including the ScannaR scanner, Duxbury Braille translator, Reading Pen magnifier, Kurweil 1000 and 3000, ZoomText and Window Eyes software and DecTALK Express speech synthesizer.

Optek Systems

Optek Systems is based in NSW.

Products include closed circuit TV magnifiers (CCTV), low vision magnifiers, print and scanning systems, braille displays and embossers, braille music translation and playback software, braille graphics, braille translation software, computer reading software (e.g. JAWS and outSPOKEN), and alternative keyboards.


Pentronics is located at Emu Plains in Sydney’s West.

Pentronics is the service agent for products manufactured by Alva, Baum, Braillo, Enhanced Vision, Index Braille, Parrot, Telesensory and Vision Technology Inc. Pentronics is the author of Toccata Braille Music Translator and PictureBraille tactile graphic creation software.

Products include CCTV magnification systems, music and graphics translation software, magnification devices and software, braille embossers, braille display and reading machines as well as PictureBraille software.

Technical Solutions (Vic)

Technical Solutions is situated in Sylvan, Victoria.

Products include Environmental Control Units (ECU), switches, communication aids, computer access devices, switches, switch mounting systems, intercoms, pagers and telephone access.

Zygo (Vic)

ZYGO Australia is based in South Melbourne, Victoria.

Products include Macaw 5, Talara, lightWRITER, Polyana, PolyTABLET, Parakeet 5, adVOCate, Optimist 3 speech generating devices as well as communications systems, modified and onscreen keyboards, communication, literacy and education software, mounting systems, page turners, environmental control units, switches, head pointers and laser pointers.

Battery Powered Computers

Battery Powered Computers is based in Taree, NSW.
Products include Dana, Neo, AlphaSmart 3000, DreamWriter, Psion, QuickPad, Calcuscribe, Laser PC as well as Greygum software.

Voice Perfect Systems

Voice Perfect Systems is based in St Kilda, Melbourne and specialise in voice dictation technologies.
Products include speech recognition software (e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking and ViaVoice), microphones, hand held recorders.

Education Software Suppliers

In recent years, the growth in the area of Assistive Technologies has been particularly evident in the education area – in mainstream (i.e. regular) classrooms, as well as in special education schools and centres. The cross over between standard or conventional software and devices and Assistive Technologies has witnessed products that are less specialised and that cater to a much wider audience and therefore a more general and diverse application.

These provide opportunities for all users to creatively and productively use technologies to become more independent. Students have increased access to more flexible solutions that meet their specific needs. Students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties are able to be included in more regular writing, study and research activities. Suppliers of mainstream products have therefore been included as they also stock technologies that provide a range of software and devices that support a range of learning, study, research and leisure needs.




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Edsoft (Blackburn, VIC)

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New Horizons (Armidale


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East West Computers (Sunbury, VIC)

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Streetwise (VIC)

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Scholastic (NSW)

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Compu.Ed (Western Australia)

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Softwaretime (NSW)

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Greygum Software (Queensland)

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DataWorks (VIC)

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