Overseas Suppliers

Overseas Suppliers

Adaptive or assistive technologies companies have representatives and distributors in Australia. Some have more than one local supplier representing them. Products can also be sold and supported by dealers who purchase from the importing supplier in Australia.

The most critical and essential criteria for purchase are not price but the local knowledge, expertise and support for software and especially devices. The issues for timely repair and maintenance, as well as in-depth knowledge of the product are more prescient as assistive technologies can be major investments in funds and time.
Conducting research using the web is a useful and enlightening exercise as consumers can discover technologies that might prove to be the key to success.

Also confirm whether there is an Australian representative or supplier, where they are located and when they might be able to demonstrate the product. Acquiring demonstration CDs or downloading trial versions can prove to be advantageous before commitment. Some companies also provide demonstrations of software online and video tutorials.

The following websites represent some of the major international assistive technology designers, manufacturers and distributors. As more are constantly emerging, it is always worthwhile performing a search on a category or software genre (e.g. word prediction) so as to be sure that all potential products are fully explored in detail.

International Assistive Technology Companies

3M Touch Systems
3M offer a comprehensive range of touch windows and touch screens. LDC and CRT touch systems are available. The MicroTouch range of monitors is offered with a choice of capacitive or resistive touch technology. Products include LCD and CRT capacitive or resistive touch monitors.

The main distributors include Spectronics in Queensland and East West Computers in Victoria.

AbleNet Inc
AbleNet are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people with physical disabilities. Products include switches (e.g. Jelly Bean range, BIGmack, LITTLEmack, Big Red switches), switch adapted devices, mounting systems, software, and the popular PowerLink control unit.

Distributors include NovitaTech (SA), Spectronics (QLD), Technical Solutions (Vic) and Technability (NSW).

Adaptivation Incorporated
Adaptivation products continue to guide their assistive technology service to individuals with severe and multiple disabilities. Products include communication devices, access switches, environmental controls, computer access and software.

Applied Human Factors
Applied Human Factors reach manufacturers innovative assistive technology products designed to increase computer access, speed, and accuracy for persons with disabilities involving mobility, learning, or low vision.Products include reach Interface Author, Reach Smart Speech, Reach Speech System, Reach Tablet.

The Australian distributor is Spectronics (QLD).

Acoustic Magic
Acoustic Magic is a privately held company building a family of superior “far talking” microphones for speech recognition, teleconferencing and automotive applications. Products include the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Array Microphone.

The Australian distributor is Spectronics (QLD).

Ai Squared
Ai Squared’s flagship product, ZoomText, is one of the world’s best magnification and reading software for the vision impaired. Products include Zoomtext Magnifier/Reader, Zoomtext Magnifier, Zoomtext Large Print Keyboard, and Bigshot Screen Magnifier.

The distributors in Australia is Humanware (NSW), Quantum Technology Pty Ltd (NSW & Vic) and Spectronics (QLD).

AssistiveWare is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Their range of products has expanded to cover physical impairments, speech, language and vision impairments for users of MAC OS. Products include SwitchXS, Keystrokes, TouchStrokes, VisioVoice (Mac OS) and Proloquo (Mac OS).

Cherry Corporation
The Cherry Corporation designs and manufactures computer input devices. Products include wireless devices, Cherry Keyboard, mice, keypads, accessories.

The main distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Claro Software Limited
Claro Software’s objective is to keep creating high quality, easy to use, appropriate and affordable software to help all individuals. Claro Software is based in the UK.
Products include ClaroRead 2007, ClaroRead for Mac, Claro Mindful, ClaroView, Lightning Magnifier, Scan2Text 2 and ScreenRuler.

The main distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Clearly Superior Technologies
Clearly Superior Technologies is based in California USA, produce a range of trackball input devices. Products include PC Trac, KidTrac, MaxTrac, MicroTrac.
The main distributor in Australia is NovitaTech (SA).

Crick Software
Crick Software, based in Northampton, UK, and Seattle, Washington, is solely focused on producing innovative educational software. The company concentrates particularly on software tools for literacy. Products include Wordbar and Crick USB Switch Box.

The main distributors in Australia include Edsoft (Vic, NSW) and Spectronics.

DataCal Enterprises
DataCal is based in Arizona USA. They specialise in all types of keyboards, stickers, skins and keyboard accessories. Products include Cherry Keyboard, Discreet keyboards, keyboards with inbuilt trackballs, mini and small keyboards.

The main distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Don Johnston Inc
Don Johnston Inc is based in Volo, USA. Don Johnston empowers educators with supplemental instruction and intervention solutions to help struggling learners build core literacy skills. Products include Solo, Co:Writer 5000, Write:Outloud, Read:Outloud and Incite.

The main local distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Freedom Scientific
Freedom Scientific develops, manufactures and markets technology-based products that provide equal access to information and computing for those with vision impairments or learning disabilities. Products include Jaws for Windows, MAGic, DAISY reader, Open Book, Connect Outloud and the PAC Mate.

The main local distributor in Australia is Quantum Technology.

Greystone Digital Inc
Greystone Digital Inc are manufacturers of enlarged keyboards. Products include BigKeys LX and BigKeys Plus.

The main local distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Hooleon Corporation
Holleon Corporation are computer keyboard specialists. Products include large print keyboards, braille keyboards, Dvorak keyboards, keyboard skins and protectors and keyboard labels.

The main local distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Infogrip Inc
Infogrip was founded in 1986, with a mission to develop and market products that provide people with a healthier and more productive way to interact with computers. Products include alternative input devices including SofType, mice, trackballs (BigTrack), communication devices and software.

The main local distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Inspiration V8
Inspiration Software is based in Beaverton USA and offers educators’ tools and resources for integrating visual learning into all areas of the curriculum. Products include: Inspiration V8, InspireData, Inspiration for Palm OS and Pocket PC.

The main distributor in Australia is Conexus PTY, Ltd and the local dealer is Edsoft (Vic and NSW)

Kinesis provides a range of input devices and computer ergonomic solutions. Products include Freestyle convertible keyboard, Expert Mouse, Marble Mouse, Vertical Mouse Ergoclick and Touchpads.

The main local distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Kurzweil Educational Systems research-aligned technologies provide complete reading, writing, and study solutions to help all students overcome learning challenges and succeed academically. Products include Kurweil 1000 (for vision impaired users); Kurzweil 3000 (for students with learning difficulties).

The main local distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Matias produces the half-Qwerty Keyboard for one handed typists.

The main local distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Maxess Products
Maxess Products is based in the UK and they distribute a range of computer input devices. Products include keyboards, keyguards, rests for keyboards, joysticks, keyboard gloves, wrist rests, switch trays and mounts.

The main local distributor in Australia is Spectronics (QLD).

Mayer-Johnson is based in California, USA. Products include Boardmaker V5 and V6 and AAC products.

The main distributors in Australia include Spectronics (QLD), Novitatech (SA) and Technability (NSW).

NaturalPoint specialises in the design, manufacture, and sales of high performance optical tracking systems, motion capture based video gaming inputs, and Hands Free Ergonomic mouse Alternatives. Products include TrackIR, SmartNAV and OptiTrack.

The Australian distributor is Spectronics (QLD).

NeoSpeech Inc
NeoSpeech Inc. is a specialist in text-to-speech technologies. Products include VoiceText.

The Australian distributor is Spectronics (QLD).

Nuance produces products such as Dragon Naturally Speaking V9, PaperPort 11, OmniPage 15, PDF Converter Professional 4

There are a number of Australian distributors, including business software companies, Edsoft and Spectronics (QLD).

Penfriend Ltd
Penfriend is based in the UK. The Penfriend range provides a comprehensive literacy aid, including word prediction and an onscreen keyboard with text-to-speech capabilities. Products include Penfriend XL, Penfriend W3 and Penfriend XP.

The Australian distributor is Spectronics (QLD).

P.I. Engineering
P.I. Engineering specialise in computer input technologies. Products include Y-Mouse, X-Keys and Viewport.

The Australian distributor is Spectronics (QLD).

Pretorian Technologies 
Pretorian specialise in trackball technologies and are based in the UK. Products include the PanelPro series.

The Australian distributor is Spectronics (Qld)

Quality Enabling Devices
QED is based in Hampshire, UK. They manufacture and distribute a large range of innovative products for people with special needs.

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