Support Agencies

Support Agencies

Victorian Services

Independent Living Centre – ComTEC ComTEC offers services throughout Victoria to people of all ages with a disability who have communication and technology needs.
Address: 705 Geelong Road, Brooklyn
PO Box 1101 Altona Gate, VIC   3025
Phone: 1300 9667 2552
Fax:  9654 7779
Email: [email protected]

Technology Services
– Vision Australia 
Vision Australia Foundation’s technology service provides advice to people with disabilities on the use of assistive technology.
Address: 454 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong 3144
Phone: 1300 847 466
Fax: 1300 847 329
LDA – Learning Difficulties Australia Department of Learning, Assessment and Special Education
Support for people with dyslexia and learning difficulties
Address: PO Box 349 Carlton South 3053
Phone: 9890 6138
SPELD Victoria Support for people with dyslexia and learning difficulties
Address: 60 High Street, Preston 3072
Phone: 9480 4422
Fax: 9480 3322
Email:     [email protected]
Gerry Kennedy ICT Consultancy For software and assistive technology advice and consultations;
AT demonstrations; presentations, seminars and AT training
Phone: 9894 4826
Mobile: 0411 569 840
Email: [email protected]

Interstate Services

Ideas Inc. Information on disability equipment access services
Address: PO Box 786 Tumut NSW 2720
Phone: 1800 029 904
Phone: 6947 3377
Fax: 6947 3723
Email: [email protected]

Novitatech SA
The Novitatech team is committed to helping people with disabilities and special needs achieve their goals through electronic assistive technology.
Phone: 1300 85 55 85
Fax: 8243 8337
Email: [email protected]

Special Education Resource Unit
SERU provides a range of learning and teaching materials and specialised services which support children and students with disabilities and learning difficulties.
Phone: 8235 2871
Fax: 8235 1907