Independent Special Development Schools

Independent Special Development Schools

Many teachers in independent schools are trained to use teaching and learning strategies to help students experiencing learning difficulties. The students are monitored individually.

Specialist teachers and integration aides work closely with class teachers and parents assisting students with disabilities attending independent schools in Victoria. Since 1995, the number of students eligible for state support services because of disabilities has increased significantly, but Australian and Victorian Government financial support for independent schools with students with disability can be limited and schools must draw on their own resources.

Some Australian Independent Schools Victoria (AISV) members cater for students with language disorders, learning difficulties, social and emotional disorders, autism and intellectual disabilities and severe to profound hearing loss.

Berengarra School - Box Hill North

A co-educational secondary school for students with social and emotional difficulties.

Address: 43 Harrison Street, Box Hill North VIC 3129
Phone: 03 9898 9167

Frank Dando Sports Academy - Ashwood

The Frank Dando Sports Academy is a primary and secondary school that aims to provide intellectually able boys aged 10-16, with physical and academic training in order to raise their self-image and prepare them for re-entry back into mainstream schools.

Address: 33 Raymond Street, Ashwood VIC 3147
Phone: 03 9807 2111

Kamaruka - South Yarra

Kamaruka is a non-denominational boys’ school with an intervention program to address social/emotional problems as well as academic and behavioural problems often exhibited by students with ADHD. The program at Kamaruka aims to equip students with the academic and behavioural skills so that they may successfully return to mainstream schooling within two years.The school offers year 5 to 10 programs.

Address: 52 River Street, South Yarra VIC 3141
Phone: 03 9826 0330

Mansfield Autism State Wide Services - Mansfield

A small rural residential school that provides intensive programs in independence, communication, behaviour management for primary and secondary students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Address: 81 Highett Street, Mansfield VIC3722
Phone: 03 5775 2876

Rossbourne School - Hawthorn

An independent, co-educational and nondenominational secondary school for students aged 11-17 who have identifiable learning disorders.

Address: 131 Power Street, Hawthorn 3122 VIC
Principal: Mr Linden Hearn
Phone: 03 9819 4611

Additional Independent Specialist Schools

Andale School - Kew

Andale School is a small independent school that caters to students with intellectual and learning difficulties who are unable to learn effectively in the traditional schooling environment. For students between Prep – Year 8 levels.

Address: 84 Charles Street, Kew VIC 3101
Phone: 03 9853 3911

Carnegie Education Centre - Kew

The Carnegie Education Centre provides a broad range of educational, social and behavioural support and training for high school students who needs were not met in the traditional school setting.

Address: 12A Peel Street, Kew VIC 3101
Phone: 03 9855 0008

The Currajong School - East Malvern

The Currajong School is an independent specialist school that caters to students between Prep to Year 8 who exhibit social, emotional and behavioural disorders.

Address: 90 Darling Road, East Malvern VIC 3145
Phone: 03 9571 7869

Edspace - Benalla

Edspace is an independent day school that provides educational programs for children aged 11-16 years who exhibit emotional, developmental learning difficulties and who have had trouble coping in traditional school settings.

Address: 24 Carrier Street, Benalla VIC 3672
Phone: 03 5762 5543