Scholarships are offered at most educational institutions to provide financial aid and assistance towards students’ education. Scholarships are awarded on a range of criteria such as achievement, equity, hardships or disability.

General Hints & Reminders when applying for Scholarships

Students should not limit themselves to applying solely for scholarships for people with a disability as many students have successfully applied for a variety of scholarships types. Always ask academic and general staff members in the relevant Department / Faculty of the TAFE or Uni you are applying to as there may be scholarships or financial assistance available that aren’t publicised.

Always ask the Disability Liaison Officer or Equity Officer at your TAFE or Uni as he/she should be aware of any assistance and the latest scholarships information for students with a disability.

Ask around
Talk to friends, other people you know, secondary school teachers and other secondary school staff, students already studying at TAFE or Uni or those close to graduating and recent graduates – someone might know of some financial assistance you can apply for.

Your local community
There may be community groups or committed people in your local area that can help with some fundraising. Perhaps the local newspaper would publish an article (has published an article). Consider organisations such as Rotary and Lions Clubs. The Our Community website may provide you with some fundraising ideas.

TAFE Financial Support / Advisory Service
The Financial Support / Advisory Service may provide small grants or bursaries for students experiencing financial hardship. Check with the Financial Advisor at your TAFE.

The Housing Advisory Service
The Housing Advisory Service may know of housing bursaries available and / or community organisations that provide financial assistance for bonds if you relocate or move into a rental property. Check with the Housing Advisor at your TAFE or Uni.

Bond Assistance
People on low incomes may be eligible for the Department of Human Services Office of Housing Bond Loan Scheme. Ph: 1300 650 172 or Email: [email protected]
The Student Union at your TAFE or Uni may provide grants or some other form of financial assistance.

Each educational provider differs in the number, value and criteria of their scholarships. For more information, please visit the website for the university, TAFE or secondary school you are interested in. Visit the website for each institute for details. 

Other Scholarships

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
The Victorian Deaf Society (Vicdeaf) operates the Geoff Fethers Education Fund. Grants are given to encourage and enhance educational opportunity at post-secondary level for deaf people.
Email enquiries: [email protected]
Phone: 03 9473 1111
TTY: 03 9473 1199
Address: Level 4, 340 Albert Street East Melbourne VIC 3002

Deaf Children Australia has a youth grants program open to 15 to 21 year olds. Deaf Children Australia also provides grants through the Reginald and Isabell Blamey Educational Scholarship. This scholarship is only available to young deaf and hearing impaired girls.
Email enquiries: [email protected]
Phone: 03 9539 5300 or 1800 645 916
TTY: 03 9510 7143

Deafness Forum provides educational scholarships to facilitate participation in post secondary education of people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment.
Email enquiries: [email protected]
Phone: 03 6262 7808
TTY: 03 6262 7809

Blindness / Vision Impairment
Vision Australia offers Further Education Bursaries. All enquiries should be directed to:
Max Bini, Tertiary Education Consultant
Vision Australia
Phone: 1300 847 466 or 03 8378 1223
Email: [email protected]

Multiple Sclerosis
MS Australia operates Go For Gold Scholarships to enable people with MS to follow a dream in the areas of education, sport, music, travel and the arts.
Contact the Intake Worker at MS Australia for more information.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03 9845 2700 or 1800 042 138

Spinal Cord Injuries
The Robert Rose Foundation offers scholarships and grants  to people with spinal cord injuries wanting to acquire new skills and qualifications and to function more independently in society. Advertising the grants program usually takes place in September and applications are due by 1st October each year.
Phone: 9885 0096
Email: [email protected]

Victorian Government
Each year the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development offers a variety of scholarships to primary, secondary and tertiary students.
Phone: 9637 3367
Email: [email protected]
Department of Justice Disability Scholarship Scheme
This scholarship is part of a Victorian Government program promoting career development for young Victorians with a disability in Law, Criminology, Paralegal, Psychology, Social Work and other Justice related fields. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of a Diploma level course.
Phone: 03 8684 1706.
Email: [email protected]