Work Experience Placement Program

Work Experience Placement Program

Unpaid work experience placement activities

As a job seeker you can participate in work experience activities at any time—with the assistance of your Job Services Australia provider.

Your involvement in work experience activities can give you the opportunity to build on your existing job skills, learn new skills and improve your chances of finding a job. In particular, undertaking work experience can provide practical ways for you to connect with your community and to demonstrate your abilities to potential employers.

Key benefits of participating in unpaid work experience activities

Unpaid work experience placement activities may provide you with opportunities to gain work experience and vocational skills in an industry or workplace you have a particular interest or established skills in.
Unpaid work experience placement activities provide you the opportunity to demonstrate directly to a prospective employer that you have skills the employer is looking for.

Who can participate in unpaid work experience placement activities?

Unpaid work experience activities can only be undertaken by you on a voluntary basis.
Unpaid work experience placement activities are available to job seekers aged 18 years or over:

    • At any time while in Stream Services; or
    • as a Disability Employment Services job seeker.

A Job Services Australia or Disability Employment Services provider will be able to advise on whether you are eligible for an unpaid work experience placement.

More information

For more information on unpaid work experience placement activities contact your local Job Services Australia provider or Disability Employment Services provider
The unpaid work experience placement activity factsheet is available on the Australian Government Department of Employment website.