Centrelink is an Australian Government statutory agency that deliver social and health-related payments and services. Centrelink assists people to become self-sufficient and supports those in need.

Disability Support Pension

The Disability Support Pension provides financial support for people who have a physical, intellectual, or psychiatric condition that stops them from working or who are permanently blind.

Mobility Allowance

Mobility Allowance assists people with disabilities, illness or injury who cannot use public transport without substantial assistance and participate in approved activities.

Approved activities may include looking for work or any combination of paid employment, voluntary work, vocational training and independent living or life skills training. You do not need to get any other payments from Centrelink to qualify for Mobility Allowance. Mobility Allowance is not income or assets tested and is a non-taxable payment.

The Pensioner Education Supplement

The Pensioner Education Supplement helps you improve your chance of finding a job through study by helping with the ongoing costs of full-time or part-time study in a secondary or tertiary course. The amount of your supplement is based on your study load and the qualifying pension or payment you receive.

Youth Disability Supplement

Youth Disability Supplement provides extra assistance to young people aged under 21 years of age with a disability.


Employment Services Assessments and Job Capacity Assessments

To help Centrelink find the best employment services program or other assistance for you, they may refer you for an Employment Services Assessment. If you are claiming Disability Support Pension (DSP), they may refer you for a Job Capacity Assessment.

What is an Employment Services Assessment?

An Employment Services Assessment helps work out the type of employment service or other assistance that can best help you to prepare for, find and maintain work.

What is a Job Capacity Assessment?

A Job Capacity Assessment will determine the impact of your medical conditions and disabilities on your ability to work and whether you would benefit from employment assistance. A Job Capacity Assessment is used to help determine your medical eligibility for DSP.

When would I be referred for an Assessment?

You may be referred for an Employment Services Assessment if you:

  • Have medical conditions or other barriers to work
  • Have a reduced work capacity, or
  • Do not have participation requirements and are volunteering for employment services assistance

You may be referred for a Job Capacity Assessment if you:

  • Are claiming DSP
  • Are undergoing a review of your medical eligibility for DSP
  • Have asked the department to determine your entitlement for indefinite portability of your DSP

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