Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure

Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure

The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure has a purpose to create a liveable and prosperous Victoria.

They do this by providing connected transport, land use planning and infrastructure services. This is achieved through:

  • Delivering robust land use planning, land administration, heritage and building systems
  • Managing and improving Victoria’s transport system
  • Supporting a responsive and accountable local government sector
  • Planning and delivering valued improvements to local infrastructure
  • Ensuring greater access to sport and recreation
  • Overseeing high quality service delivery and good governance

Accessible transport

Accessible transport refers to public transport in Victoria that is being made more accessible for people with disabilities and to comply with the provisions of the Commonwealth Government’s Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (2002).

The Accessible Public Transport Action Plan is a strategy for delivering accessible bus, train, tram and taxi services throughout Victoria. The Accessible Public Transport Action Plan 2007-13 was released in December 2013. For more information, including how to access the plan, see Action Plan.

Passengers with accessibility difficulties may be eligible to apply for Free Travel Passes.

If you have hearing difficulties, a TTY facility is available by calling 03 9619 2727.

A number of concessions are available to assist Senior Victorians, students, people on low incomes and people with special needs.

For further information on accessible transport services, call PTV on 1800 800 007.

This information has been sourced from the Public Transport Victoria and was current at time of publishing.


The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) is responsible for ensuring transport services, including taxis, are accessible for all members of the community, including people with a disability. This page provides information on accessible taxi services across the state

Multi-Purpose Taxi Program 

The Multi-Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) provides subsidised taxi fares for Victorians with severe and permanent disability who also experience financial hardship.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

Wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) allow people who use wheelchairs to travel in their wheelchair provided that they and the wheelchair can be safely restrained in the vehicle.

Access for All Abilities

Access for All Abilities is a Victorian Government initiative coordinated by Sport and Recreation Victoria.  The program has supported and developed inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for people with a disability throughout Victoria for over 10 years.

Access for All Abilities funds organisations to work at a community level to develop inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for people of all abilities. These organisations promote and encourage a range of sport and recreation opportunities across the state, from basketball, cricket, and Aussie Rules to soccer, sailing, and lawn bowls.